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Solid Shutters

Solid Shutters

Our solid, raised panel shutters are options only for the Phoenix, Portland and Vancouver ranges.

The Victorians, who knew a thing or two about these shutters generally used cedar or pine. The pine shutters they made will by now have largely rotted and we do quite a lot of replacement work for these. We can also replace the panelling found below the window shutters as these are really just shutter panels fixed to the wall.

Solid Moulded Options
There Are two moulded options Available For the Vancouver Range and one SM2 for the Phoenix Range.

We fit a lot of these products to homes where road noise is an issue and also security. The Victorians fitted them for security and some other quite different reasons. When they went off for the season and given that the glass was very thin in those days, birds could fly into the windows and their interiors would be damaged, so the shutters were only pulled across a couple of times a year. We design differently. Our shutters can be used daily but we generally don't pull them back into reveal boxes.

PS: For greater light reduction, we offer rebated panel edges now as standard.


Solid Raised 12mm thick centre panels with 28.6mm x 41mm stiles.

solid shutters
Solid Base/Louvre Top

As above but with top louvres, very suitable for sliding partitions and French Windows with solid bases.

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